Tips to Avoid Human Error in Your HR Department

In the workplace, sometimes human error can happen. Some of them not disturb your workflow but the others can be detrimental. As a human, there are some factors to make your employee not focus on what they do. Analyzing the human error, which often happens, can be your insights to evaluate the system and choose the tools can avoid the future problem.

Here, the common mistakes caused by HR human error

Tips to Avoid Human Error in Your HR Department

1. Flawed Hiring and Recruiting Process
Many candidates’ forms and data make you overwhelmed to organize and manage them. When you are tired to handle it, human error is very possibly happening. Utilize the technology to input, filter, manage, and monitor the data can reduce human error. You can consider Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to monitoring the recruitment process.

2. Subpar Onboarding
Sometimes it happens in small-medium enterprise, which does not have enough resource to work this process as a standard. The good onboarding process makes the candidates feel safe to be the employee and raised the engagement for your company. This process can impact the productivity of the new employees. Seeking help from the onboarding process provider, like KPSG, will help you to handle this process.

3. Miscommunication of Compliance and Safety Training
The rights of the workforce protected by government regulations and written in employee agreements. HR should update with the new regulations to comply with it and updating your company’s regulations. Besides agreement, training is the important thing to introduce the company and the job description to your new employees. It can help them to understand working safety to avoid the work accident. In the remote working trend, HR should prepare the interactive online training which makes the employee understand with all the important information.

4. Missclasification of Work Hour and Wage
It can happen if you do not have strict regulations, do not have a tool to help you monitor the time and the attendance of employees. When you can count the time and the result of the employees, it can be easier to count their remuneration. The third parties who provided time management service connecting with payroll service can help you to solve this problem.

5. Too Bond with Some Employees
The workplace can be the place the meet new friends out from professional life. It can be a good thing on one side but make a bias to promoting for the new role. Have testing kits to evaluate the employees can help you to promote them objectively.

Human error can happen anywhere including when doing HR tasks. As HR, investigate and looking for a partner who can provide to avoid human error can help you doing HR tasks. You can explore our services which can help your HR tasks.

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