Hygiene Adjustment for Office Manager in 2021

This year, the office building has almost the same situation as last year. Not all the employees can go back to work at the office. Some of them should work from home to reduce the crowd in the public area, including office building.

Since the Covid-19 exists, all of the people put more concern on hygiene and healthy lifestyle. These concerns apply to maintaining office buildings below the office manager. As office manager, adjusting some rules and checklists to improve the hygiene of office buildings in this era is important. A clean office building can be the representative of the company, the hygiene can prevent the spreading of Covid-19 and save the healthiness of employees and office visitors.

Here, some consideration for hygiene adjustment to maintain office building:

Hygiene Adjustment for Office Manager in 2022

1. Evaluate The Building System

Check the building construction to make sure the ventilation, air system, and water system are ready for post-pandemic requirements. When you know the building situation, you can make a decision on how to increase the circulation of outdoor air, if it makes the people in the building safe and comfortable. Make sure that all water systems and water-using devices are safe to use, especially after a prolonged facility shutdown.

2. Identify The Common Area

The identification of common areas can make you more aware of the health protocols and hygiene in the office. The area that you should be more aware of is the lobby, cafeteria, waiting room. These areas are public places where people can have close contact. You can make more checklists with regular hygiene monitoring.

3. Construct The Health Protocols System

Create a system that can help all people comply with the protocols. You can give a sign with tape for physical distancing, brief the operational employee to use safety private tools (mask, face shield), and brief them to admonish the visitor to comply with the protocols.

4. Have The Proper Chemical Hygiene

There are many kinds of chemical hygiene to clean the surface, especially for cleaning the public area. Before you prepare the chemical hygiene, make sure you know the function of each, such as the disinfectant formula to kill the virus, cleaner for removing the dirt surface, and sanitizer to reduce bacteria.

5. Have the Cleaning Checklist

The cleaning checklist includes the detail of tasks that should be done on a daily, weekly, and monthly schedule. It can help the operational employee know their tasks exactly and make it easier for them to monitor their work.

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