The Advantages of Employer Branding for Optimizing Digital Sourcing

Looking for new candidates for the role in your company is not the easiest thing that we think of, even though there are many people available in the talent market. Getting the best candidate, who is passionate about the function of the company and has the same expectation with your company, is the art of HR.

Digital sourcing can help the recruiter to gather and sort the best candidates for the company. It's like matchmaking, where you have access to many of candidates’ data and have access to the company requirements. As matchmaking between the candidates and company, digital sourcing can attract both of them to attract each other. Digital sourcing can attract the recruiter with the candidates’ data and they can attract the most talented candidates with employer branding.

Branding is the strategy to introduce the value of products/services to the customer, but it can be implemented in the HR department, especially for digital sourcing, which we know as employer branding. Many companies apply this strategy to introduce their business value, corporate culture, and working life at their company through employer branding. It can help the company to filter and attract candidates who have the same energy to work in the company.

After the candidates attracted to the employer branding, digital sourcing can gather the data of the candidates. It can be from the job advertisement on your employer branding channel or from the engagement of the social media which you choose as an employer branding platform. The success of employer branding can help the digital sourcing to gather the candidates’ data and the easier it is for the recruiter to find the right candidates.

Employer branding not only can help the digital sourcing for the hiring process. It can be the channel to get feedback to HR about the workforce trend and how they can improve to develop the employees. If HR can develop the employees well, it can be the cycle of the content of employer branding to attract new candidates again.

Has your company applied employer branding to leverage digital sourcing? You can choose another strategy to help the recruiter get the talented candidates through partnership with KPSG as a Multi-Process Human Resource Outsourcing that can help your company to get the candidates for your company role.