Seeking Professional Partner in Preparing Employment Contract, Why Not?

As a signed agreement between you and your organization’s talents, an employment contract is not to be taken recklessly - they’re more than just a symbol that your working relationship has begun, but a strong pillar of your ship and a compass to help you both sails through uncertain times.

There are several aspects you need to pay attention to, when preparing an employment contract:

- Legal Compliance Aspects
Every country/region may have their unique Labor Law, so make sure your employment contract has been set up accordingly, or else, it may cause unwanted stir within your daily business. Consult this with a professional in the field of law or legal.

- Avoid Unfair Clauses
Make sure your employment contract is prepared well, in the spirit of benefit and protect both employers and talents, by preventing potential miscommunications and missteps, being used by irresponsible employers to take advantage of unsuspecting talents.

- Post-Termination
Always prepare for the worst possibility, reasonable post termination restrictions should be on your employment contract. It’s an effective method to prevent post-termination activities of a departing employee that interfere with your organization’s business. A common example would be to restrict departing employees to personally solicit with your clients/suppliers for a specific period of time after the termination.

Therefore, as the personnel responsible for preparing employment contracts, don’t forget to avoid any ambiguity or uncertainty in the language of the contract that may give rise to a challenge; the language should be clear, precise and reasonable.

Yes, it can take lots of resources and energy - that’s why, when you have more strategic priorities among your checklist, you should leave it to an MPHRO partner instead of preparing it recklessly, gambling with the risk of major labor conflict in the future.

When in doubt, don’t hesitate to discuss with us your issues in preparing these important documents.