A Glimpse to HR Future

As we close 2020 together, let’s take a peek into what tomorrow may hold for us, as professional HR.

Some experts in the business have unleashed their predictions on what will be the trends on the HR world this 2021. Let’s check them out:

The emerge of the Perennials people
Previous years; we’ve seen and challenged the generation gap in the workplace. We’ve seen Gen X versus Millennials, and now there’s a growing concern about Millenials versus Gen Z. In the age of collaborations, of course such behavior becomes a thing to avoid - thus, the new trend of Perennials, which refers to “a group of people of all ages, stripes, and types who go beyond stereotypes and make connections with each other and the world around them.” It is predicted, those who can tackle the generational differences will be the new favorite of recruiters among the globe.

Data-literate HRs
A new era also brings new demand for HR professionals. Now, ‘data-literate HR’ is definitely sought-after around corporations, as they have the ability to build innovative HR strategies that are data-based and can act as a true sparring partner of the business. This involves the ability to read, understand, create, and communicate data as information to influence decision making.

HR for Uncertainty Management
In these uncertain times, employees are burdened with concerns around their health and safety at work, security of their jobs, etc. And of course the HR is their go-to expert within the organization. It’s in the hand of HR professionals to reduce uncertainty in the organization through a good communication channel and effective employee wellbeing management.

In the midst of all 2020 chaos, companies naturally turn to HR for the answers - and it seems to be the trend for the year onward. It is an enormous and weighty responsibility for any HR professionals. When things seem overwhelming, don’t hesitate to arrange things up with a reliable MPHRO partner, such as KPSG who has been in the industry for 30 years.