The 5 Main Areas of HR

The tasks of an HR department can sometimes feel like a never-ending loop; it can ‘trap’ you in becoming contrary to your department's initial vision to make a positive impact within your organization.

First, let’s revisit again the 5 main areas of HR responsibilities, and see which part that drains your resource the most:

This includes developing an action plan for the recruiting process, both full-time or part-time employees, hiring contractors, and terminating employee contracts. In this part, HR can also utilize various recruitment technologies to acquire a high volume of applicants while still maintaining ethical hiring practices and aligning with the regulatory environment. Of course staffing does not stop there, the process goes on with writing employee contracts and negotiating salary and benefits

HR is charged with maintaining a developmental approach to existing human resources, in the format of L & D (Learning & Development) programs. Here, the HR must also tracks all the training or L&D programs’ results to measure utilization of skills learned as well as evaluating additional training resources or needs.

Human Resource Information Systems (H.R.I.S.) and Payroll
Identifying appropriate compensation based on role, performance, legal requirements and managing it well will contribute to trust-based relationships between employees and the employer. Don’t forget to evaluate your HRIS and payroll system, so it can optimized to the fullest extent.

Safety and Health
Don’t forget about the careful consideration of safety and health concerns for all your employees. It relates to the compliance factor with legal requirements based on job function for safety measures, such as: hard hats in construction or appropriate safety equipment for paramedics. After the pandemic, employees gain growing concern to this factor, so make sure your workplace is a safe and healthy place to be productive.

Employee and Labor Relations
Defending employee rights, coordinating with unions, and mediating disagreements between the organization and its human resources is also a core HR function. As professionals, you have to make sure that the organization is compliant with all employment-related laws.

By paying equal attention to all these elements, it means you’re on the right track of admirable HR management. Stuck too many times on the routine task? Partner up with MPHRO partners such as KPSG!