Should Employee Takes Leave While WFH?

Working from home was an unusual thing for most of the workforce before 2020. Now after spending most of 2020 working days at home, it’s easy to blur the line between personal and professional space because all of that happened at one place, the house. The work hour becomes blurry, some people may ‘accidentally’ work almost 24 hours. It can be more challenging if the employee is a parent with a toddler or has an elderly family member that should be taken care of.

The situations can bring them fatigue; whereas, employee well-being is more beneficial to every business. The happier your workforce, the more productive they can be. Carrying the well-being of employees is an important concern for Human Resources professionals. The basic thing that can do is emphasize work-life balance, even though they work from home.

We should remind them to avoid working at night or during the weekend. And when they started to feel burned out, remind them that it’s really okay to take leave even though they may not go on holiday faraway. A day at home without a pile of office stuff can help them to cope with their stress and refresh their mind. Make sure their colleagues don't interfere with job-related communication, educate them to respect their partner’s day-off.

Taking leaves is one of many benefits from the company. The employee can maximize it to balance their well-being, working at the office or working from home. In addition to taking leave, the company can give a recommendation to counseling. It can help them to reduce stress especially when everybody should physically distance themselves from the dynamics work culture today.