Many Faces of Online Testing

Nowadays it is more common including applying for a job and doing online testing. As Human Resources, knowing more details about online testing is the important thing before utilizing it for filtering the applicant. There is preparation, before doing the test. The important thing first is knowing the company’s needs. The company needs, including how many candidates they want, how skills that the candidates must have, what kind of person they expect. Making lists of the criteria from the company can help you decide the online test that you use to do.

After you know the criteria, you can do the research in choosing the online test that is suitable to get the candidate. There are 3 basic things that you can use to making a selection:

1. Online Personality Test
There are so many online personality tests, free tests and paid tests, such as 16 personalities, OCEAN, DISC, etc. You can choose what is suitable for your company and job vacancy. An online personality test can be very helpful if you have massive recruiters.

2. Specialized Skill Assessment
The Internet provides specialized skills too. There are some job vacancy websites, provide the assessment. You can utilize the assessment to help you select the applicant who is suitable for the job opportunity. Recruiters can ask for the portfolio of the applicant too for the consideration. Sometimes, the assessment is just to show the applicant’s knowledge, not the output of what they did.

3. Interview Test
The interview test is possible if only a few applicants are left. Especially in the new normal, interview tests can happen with video or call conferences. Maybe this is the final test to knowing more deeply about the applicant, their experience, knowledge, and soft skill when they work in a team.

The online test can be more helpful if you do massive recruits in this digital era, especially in the new normal. It can save your energy in making selections. KPSG can help you to recruit the applicant with online testing to adapt to the new normal.