Maintain Employee's Trust in Financial Industry's New Normal

Financial Industry is one of many essential industries for civil society. Utilizing technology to facilitate the transaction is the way to adapt to this era. However, not all departments can utilize the technology. As a rigid industry, working from home is something unusual for this industry, but it should do some adjustments for the sake of their talents’ health & safety measures.

Yes, in the financial industry trust is the main currency that they offer to clienteles - but at the same time, it’s also important to impose the value within. Maintaining employee’s trust in the New Normal is also vital for the financial industry. Human Resources in the industry should adopt technology to do their task, such as monitoring attendance, performance, overtime, etc.

However, technology is not just about making Human Resources more effective; but also to gain more engagement with the employees. Good engagement means more trust and security in their working days. It is essential, especially in this uncertain era, as changes in the company may happen anytime.

Employee Administration and Registration Services (ERS) from KPSG can help Human Resources to manage the employees’ needs. KPSG provides ERS from onboarding, retention, and offboarding for employees. It can help Human Resources to maintain the trust and engagement of the workforce with the company. In the long term, it can be to maintain their performance and make your business more sustainable.