Our Takes on the Indonesia Gen Z Workforce

Bringing qualified workforce to their clients, and living up to the principle of ‘the right man at the right place’, KPSG shared the company’s view on Indonesian Generation Z which starts to be seen as the latest generation of workforce in the country.

Bloomberg News describes Gen Z as those born between 1997 and 2012, which represents the fresh grads on Indonesian that enter the workforce nowadays. They bring their own unique color, just like any generations of workforce before them.

As KPSG views it, Generation Z is more open-minded and relatively easy to collaborate with. Their curiosity gets the best of them - in a positive way. They aren’t intimidated by challenges and ready to work in creative ways.

Such quality makes them adaptable to many working situations - we can it nowadays as convention working styles are shifting to remote working or Work From Home (WFH), Gen Z becomes one of the most adaptable generation of workers into this new culture (however, they’ve suggested the idea of digital nomaden long before the pandemics, right?).

However, speaking from experience, we still see rooms for improvement for this productive generation:
- Grow the ability to work under pressure
-Decrease the tendency to find only the most instantaneous solutions
-Hone the skill of diplomatic communication within their organization’s structure

This month, we celebrate the moment of Sumpah Pemuda 2020, a time to remember Indonesian Youth’s role to push the nation forward. We still also believe in the youth of Indonesia today, especially the productive Gen Z. With them leading Indonesian workforce in the future, we can be rest assured that lots of potentials will be unleashed to betterment of the nation. Let’s support our youth!