Boost Your Business' Efficiency Through Operation Support Service

In the New Normal, it becomes more important to optimize your business’ efficiency & effectiveness. Partnering with a third party for your operation can be one of the keys.

MPHRO companies, just like KPSG, are always visioned to choose and place people who are competent in their fields. Through the company’s Operational Support Management Services, you can get a high-quality workforce without all the hassles - you can save time, energy, and cost!

Operational Support Management Services provides managing the operational activities for the scope of work that need to be done with Service Level Performance that we defined together with you.
That’s why, a smooth collaboration is compulsory to make sure your organization gets the best out of this service. How to achieve it? Check out these quick tips!

Get your MPHRO partner to be on the same page with you (figuratively)
Yes, share us about your business, goals, expectations, etc since the beginning, so that we can cater our service accordingly. And even after collaboration has been ongoing, we’ll make sure to maintain good communication; to be in sync with you regularly, be it through conference calls, circular email or messaging platforms.

Get your MPHRO partner to be on the same page with you (literally!)
We’ll assist you to make sure we don’t get lost in the midst of the document jungle (it can happen easier than we thought!). As a team, let's work on the same file at the same time without overwriting the work of others. And as we’re an MPHRO company with orientation to technology, be prepared for some good project management platforms recommendations! No worries about documents’ privacy, we’re committed to it.

Operational Support Management Services by KPSG covers Office Support, Hospitality, Facility Cleaning, Security, Hauling, Mining and Plantation. Do contact us with your inquiries if you think your organization can be benefited from our service!