MPHRO Company in the Pop Culture: Recruitment Lessons from JK Rowling

In the light of the latest release of JK Rowling’s mega best-seller detective series, let’s take a look at how the book portrays recruitment.

Who’s never heard of JK Rowling? A prolific author since Harry Potter, she’s delved into detective series in the past years, which was written under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith. The series often called CB Strike Series (now also a popular BBC series), saw its latest book, Troubled Blood, released on 29th September.

In the first book, we saw the journey of Robin Ellacott, who seems to be part of an outsourcing company named Temporary Solutions. She’s sent to work as a secretary for a detective office, owned by the main character, Cormoran Strike. The detective was working solo in his newly-found business, therefore he chose wisely to hire his first staff through such service. As the story progresses, we see how the role of this outsourced secretary played an essential role in developing Strike’s business.

The story becomes a perfect example of hiring a service from MPHRO (Multi-Process Human Resources Outsourcing) Company. A good MPHRO brings solutions, a service ‘a la carte’ in accordance with each client’s unique needs. In terms of Detective Strike, all he needs is a secretary for his small business, one skilled person to help make his business more professional that comes with a budget that’s suitable for him.

Each business has its own unique requirement, a factor that evolves KPSG to an MPHRO company with multiple services that clients can pick in accordance to their convenience. Those services are:

  1. Recruitment & Selection Services
  2. Employee Administration and Registration Services
  3. Payroll Processing Services
  4. Time Management Services
  5. Operational Support Management (Facility Care Services, General Services, Field Support Services, Securing Asset Services)

KPSG is confident that with almost 30 years of experience serving clients from the Financial Industry and Non-Financial Industry, KPSG can help your company by providing the best solution.