Human Resources Time Management; Employees Scheduling, Attendances Report, and Overtime Calculation

Time management refers to managing time effectively by assigning specific time slots to activities as per their urgency. The purpose is to use time as best as you can in order to achieve goals.

Time management in organizations plays an important role to assist employees to work more effectively in order to accomplish company’s goals. Time management in a company can be made by individuals and by human resources management.

Human resources management is a part of a company that is tasked to manage employees’ schedules, workplace culture, and environment. They are partially responsible for ensuring that the organization has an overall mission, vision, and values that are shared. These days, human resources management’s function is expected to add value to the strategic utilization of employees and to ensure that employee programs recommended and implemented impact the business in positive measurable ways.

To achieve those goals human resources management must be good at making time planners and managing employee’s schedules. Three main tasks of human resources management to manage time plans are employee scheduling, employee attendances recapitulation, and calculate employee’s overtime.

Employees Scheduling

To make employees' scheduling, human resources management should know every detail of the business. They should be aware of employees' and company’s needs. Some of the specific things you will need to consider are employee's remuneration scheme and company working days and or hours

Other than that, human resources should be aware of team members' strengths and weaknesses, as well as each member's work preferences. They should use the best tools too that can help streamline and automate the various tasks involved in scheduling. Then, they should make sure all employees can view the schedule easily.

When human resources management has figured out all of those specific things, they will be aware of how to scheduling each staff member, following company policy or laws.

Employees Attendances Recapitulation

Having employees attendance recapitulation can give a company an accurate graphical depiction of everything related to hours worked and time off. By monitoring attendance, companies can determine which employees consistently arrive early, on time, or late. It helps companies to identify who has the most absences without valid reasons. It gives company information to make an analysis on the most suitable match employees for the company.

Employees' attendance report can also increase productivity, it leads to higher profit to reach company’s goals. This information will strengthen the case of current and future needs.

Employees Overtime Calculation

With overtime calculation, the company can analize is too much work given to the employee or not. Because too many overtime can cause make higher payment, and possible to impact to physical health or even mental health. These things can make work can't be optimal.

Those are the three main tasks of human resources in the time-management field. If you want to get help to manage time planner or schedule, you can ask us for help. We provide professional time management services.