How Do I Get Started with Employee Administration?

Employee administration is one of the major administrative functions and a continuous process in every HR department. This function aims for stability and compliance which are the crucial things to support employee’s performance.

Employee administration refers to all routine tasks that a company should maintain to manage formal employment processes.

Employee administration usually means a certain amount of paperwork of employee’s data that comprises employee hire and orientation functions, employment contracts that have been observed by both parties (employees and company), employee’s files and database, evaluation and supervision of employees, employee’s payroll, pension plan management, insurance and fee collection, employee relocation and transfer, employee’s taxation required by laws, employee’s claims and misconduct resolvement and investigating, and employment separation and termination.

To be more specific, employee administration's main tasks are laid in 3 different processes, such as onboarding, retention, and offboarding.

Onboarding Process

After the recruitment and selection process, employees should fill employment contracts as part of employee administration. This activity includes, employment contract preparing process and briefing process which is attended by both parties to discuss contract period, clause, job description, and working hours. After all of that set, the employee will sign an employment contract.

During the onboarding process, company shall register employees and core family to BPJS Kesehatan and BP Jamsostek.


When the onboarding process happens, companies are responsible to filling employee’s databases, manage BPJS Kesehatan and BP Jamsostek required by laws, attendance, overtime, and employee’s furlough docs. Companies may also be responsible for payroll payment, payroll funding , and other tax calculation.

Moreover, employee administration during retention includes counseling processes, routine visits, and producing letters.

Offboarding Process

Offboarding is the separation process when an employee leaves a company. In this process, employee administration functions keep the working by publishing termination letter, doing an exit interview, and work reference letters.

Each company may have different responsibilities or employee administration job-range, but it is important to maintain the best employee administration process.

Employee administration is one of the most challenging tasks in the organization, especially during the post-COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, it is necessary to get help from outsourced employee administration services. If you were just getting started with employee administration and think you really need help, don’t hesitate to ask us through our contact person. We will be glad to give you solutions