Handle Online Testing and Interview Can Be Extremely Challenging Seek For Help!

Recruitment is a basic step needed for companies to get more workers, so the work cycle can develop progressively. But recruiting new workers can be extremely challenging, especially if the companies do it for the first time ever. Companies should have a skilled hiring manager to filter candidates who can actually fill the positions. Besides this first point, recruiters can face more challenges like a lack of industry-competencies applicants. As a result, companies are unable to get suitable workers that can drive their organization forward. 

In post-COVID-19, recruitment becomes even more challenging, because the recruiting process shall be held via online. This is a new kind of challenge for the companies that hire new workers for the first time. 
Managers who hold recruitment and selection processes will always be busy maintaining significant online tools, such as the video meeting platform for interviews, or online testing platforms. This job can’t run smoothly if the manager doesn’t have the skills to achieve their functions as a recruiter of the company. 

Partnering with professional recruiters can act as the solution for such situations - with more than 30 years of experience, KPSG has what it takes to run your recruitment smoothly. Usually, KPSG starts with an analysis of the clients’ requirements, what are the assessment’s purposes. Then, KPSG as the recruiter will design the flow & procedure clearly, to reach the target. After all those things are agreed, then we progress to the tools for online testing. For companies that don't have professional recruiters, all these tasks are extremely challenging and risky. That’s why companies need to seek help from outsourcers who can provide professional recruiters. 

If you’d like to learn more about how we can act as your reliable recruiting manager, please contact us now!