Check The Differences Between Our Monthly and Yearly Payroll Management Activities


When we talk about the company’s main activities, one of the most common things besides sales and costumers is payroll process management. Every company can’t be separated from the payroll process, using payroll system, because the payroll process is a critical employees’ salary administration routine that should have done every week or month continuously.

This very critical process includes salary calculation, recapitulation, and report production must be in accordance with manpower regulations and prevailing taxation provisions. And most importantly, it should be done with high accuracy and precision.

KPSG as an outsourcing services provider manage Payroll Processing Services supported by Team Payroll expertise and In-house Payroll System that has been successfully implemented in various industries ready to help your company.

For the start, we are providing four initial tools to support our main activities and those tools are including hardware (PC, main server, back-up server), software (payroll system and supporting software), people (team expert), and secured premises.

After prepare initial tools supporter, we are moving to main agenda to manage company’s payroll system and proceed with employees’ salary administration. Completed tasks will be done regularly every month and year. These monthly and yearly outputs are different and here are the differences.

Monthly Services Management
Main activities for monthly goals are including seven steps below:

1. Data Preparation
We check the data transactions that will be uploaded later.

2. Running Payroll Cycle
We take a good look at employees’ taxes and running payroll cycle. We prepare BP Jamsostek, BPJS Kesehatan, overtime calculation, and the other allowances payment.

3. Producing Salary Recapitulation and Audit Trail
Salary recapitulation and audit trail are important for company’s personal documentation. These reports can be useful someday when something related to company’s savings and cost managing goes wrong.

4. Listing Bank Transfer
To manage the salary process, we need to know the available bank transfer that can be used for this transaction.

5. Issuing Payslip
Payslip, includes e-payslip and carbonized payslip, is important for employees’ documentation. Payslip is one of our main outputs.

6. Preparing SPT Masa PPh21/26
Knowing SPT Masa PPh21/26 can be helpful to cost management. By this output, employees can be more detailed to calculate income and expenses so that their finances can be stabilized.

7. Managing BPJS Report
Knowing the other expenses such as BPJS reports are even more important, especially in this uncertain condition. We produce BPJS reports to help employees’ wellbeing.

Yearly Services Management
One in a year, we are preparing SPT 1721 A1 to provide proof of how our job in that year is done.

In conclusion, we are providing five main outputs include salary recapitulation and audit trail, bank listing transfer, payslip, SPT Masa PPh21/26, and SPT 1721 A1. By then, our tasks are completed.

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