Technology Utilization For Flexible Working Trend, How To Make It Success?


Matthew Blake, SThree’s chief people officer, has once said, “We are all going through a trust revolution where the question is no longer, ‘how do we manage people?’ but instead, ‘how do we support them?’” This quote indicates the pandemic era surely gives us a significant change in how businesses work nowadays.

COVID-19 situation makes people change the way to interact. Permanent or not, we realize people are focusing on using technology for a better and faster way of communication. Not only a simple personal lifestyle, but utilization of technology is also happening in the economic and industrial business field.

We are witnessing every day and everywhere, people are using tech in the economic and industrial business field as familiar territory. Working from home is a dominant option that has been chosen by almost everyone.

It happens to cause many concerns such as how companies tend to change their target setting and how this extended period of time can be considered to be going on permanently. But the good news is now we have chances of getting creative and experimenting with new methods of work freely. While facing new problems, we can also come up with new solutions. And this cycle is exactly what we need to discover a new way of harnessing technology for revolutionary flexible working. But how exactly we do that?

There are always principles to everything. When we talk about how to harnessing technology for business development shake, we can count on these principles:

1. Staying Connected When Apart
Due to a physically fragmented team, to manage resilience teamwork, it is important to keep social elements among employees. That social element includes sharing music playlists, posting something friendly but necessary to each other, and so on. Maintaining a positive atmosphere and an efficient team performance go hand in hand can improve better relationships and boost more successful results.

2. Preparing Favorite Communication Toolbox
To keep internal communication streamlined and manageable, you can prefer an instant messaging service such as Microsoft Teams instead of internal emails that are risking to miss important messages. You can also replace phone calls with video calls tools such as Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, etc. and switching offline tools to online that can be used together such as Office 365 and Google Docs. Choosing the right tools can improve your individual work and teamwork performance.

3. Handling Customers’ Enquiries
During this circumstance of uncertainty, customers can have more questions. Your business should be well-prepared to show costumers that the company’s value is not only lays on surviving ability, but thriving too.

4. Social Advertising
These days, people tend to use social media platforms. You can’t ignore the fact that if your company is not involved with social media advertisements, you are missing out on an opportunity to target potential costumers.

And that is how you harnessing technology during the switch to flexible working. Have you considered to make it work?