Data Silos in Contact Center: How to Prevent It?

Data silos are a condition where the data or information owned by an organization or company is not well integrated or connected.

Customer Journey 101: How to Implement It to Impact Your Business?

Do you know what a customer journey is? The customer journey is the process that customers go through before, during, and after purchasing your product or service.

Unlocking Potential: The Benefits of HR Chatbots

Chatbots are systems that can communicate with users through text or voice, utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) to understand natural language and provide appropriate responses.

Moving Forward: How AI Trends Impact Contact Center in 2024

The contact center industry continues to evolve and adapt to changing customer needs and expectations. In 2024, there are several trends that will shape the future of customer service, with AI playing a significant role in supporting them. Here are some AI trends in contact centers for 2024.

The Importance of Protecting the Payroll System from Internal Security Threats

Payroll is one of the most crucial and sensitive aspects of any business, involving the calculation and distribution of salaries, wages, bonuses, taxes, deductions, and allowances. Payroll data contains personal and financial information of both business owners and employees, such as names, addresses, bank account details, social security numbers, tax rates, and more. This data is vulnerable to various threats and risks, especially from internal sources.

The Crucial Factor in Redefining Customer Experience

Customer experience (CX) is the key differentiator for businesses in today’s competitive market. But what’s the secret to delivering excellent CX? The answer lies in agent experience (AX).

Understanding Key Components in Payroll

Payroll management is a crucial aspect of every organization, involving various components that determine the calculation of employee salaries. Although payroll may seem simple at first glance, there are several factors that can complicate the process. In this article, we will discuss the main components in the calculation of employee salaries.

Create a Pleasant Customer Experience with Persona Bot

In this digital era, many businesses are relying on bots to handle customer interactions. This is understandable because there are hundreds to thousands of customers contacting your business, making it essential to use bots as assistants to complement your agents.

Omnichannel Experience, a Leading Contact Center Trend in 2024

Did you know that in 2023, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook are the most widely used social media platforms in Indonesia? According to DataIndonesia.id, WhatsApp leads with 92.1%, followed by Instagram (86.5%) and Facebook (83.8%). So, what does this fact mean for your company? Find out more in this article!

Explore the Contact Center Trend and Get Ready for 2024

As year 2024 approaches, it is crucial for businesses to excel in customer service. One key aspect to pay attention to is the performance of the contact center.

The Importance of Improving Contact Center to Embrace New Opportunities

Customer service is an important aspect in this age of modern technology and can determine the success of a business. The quality of the interactions you provide in the Contact Center can be a deciding factor in whether customers will return to you or seek an alternative to your competitors.

Understanding Payroll and Its Challenges

In the business world, the payroll process is a crucial component. It is often perceived as a simple task, yet it actually harbors a high level of complexity. What’s behind this complexity? Let’s explore it further.
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