PT Sinergi Media Integrasi

Establish in 2006, Sinergi Media Integrasi (SMI) has developed KPSG’s first own software for contact center solution. In its partnership with Microsoft, SMI has the capability to create a flexible and fully customised system with ITO model of service. The system has been utilise by many multinational companies ranging from the biggest name in telco, insurance, financial institutions, and food industry.

PT Technetindo Utama

Technetindo Utama (TNU) has provided integrated core general insurance to many insurance companies in Indonesia for over 20 years. Established in 1992, TNU has accumulated a vast array of local expertise and knowledge in creating a flexible core system and since its merger and acquisition by KPSG in 2010, has enhanced its fully customised solution to be more robust with ITO model of service.

PT Dunia Kerja Indonesia

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PT Solusi Karya Insani

Acquired in 2014 by KPSG, PT Solusi Karya Insani has over a decade of experience in providing Human Resource Information System. Its solutions include Manpower Planning, Payroll, Recruitment, Human Capital Development, and Training.

PT Kontinum Global Studio

Kontinum Global Studio (KGS) is an innovation concept for architecture, interior design and implementation in the ever-changing world especially in Indonesia market. Established in 2003 and acquired by KPSG in 2014, KGS has grown to be a qualified and professional company, which employed at about 25 full-time staff with various discipline of professionals. By now KGS professionals have performed more than 200 projects supported by more than 30 experts and technicians as full-time, associate as well as specialists.

PT Advika Media Kreasi

The high and steady growth of internet users in Indonesia has shift the nature of interaction between companies and its market. Consumers have access to vast amount of information any time and any where, adding more touch points than ever before. This shift in behaviour is the basis of Advika Media Kreasi establishment in 2015. Our digital marketing strategy can help your business nurture a meaningful relationship with your customers by communicating to them in a more effective and targeted manners across those points.