KPSG has been providing Outbound Contact Center Services since 1990 and now KPSG has the experience in providing the services for various industries such as Banking, Insurance, Bancassurance, Non Profit Organization, and others.

KPSG Outbound Contact Center Services provide the end-to-end productivity measurement reports starting from database assigned up to the final productivity result (eg. Total Sales/TARP, Total Telco cost, etc). The productivity reports and other available reports can be generated in real time basis based on several categories such as per individual, per team, per campaign, and per whole contact center.

In terms of quality monitoring and controlling, the system has supported the functions for live monitoring and quality monitoring as it has integrated the related voice recording of all calls with each sales form.

There are several types of Outbound Contact Center Services such as TeleMarketing, TeleCollection, TeleSurvey, TeleCleansing, and TeleFundraising.


TeleMarketing contacts and solicits prospective customers in order to purchase products/services through tele-approach.

This method has been used widely by various organization,due to its effectiveness and efficiency in reaching the target market compared to cost & time required. Therefore, TeleMarketing still become a preferred alternative distribution channel.

KPSG has been experienced in providing TeleMarketing Services in financial industries since 1990. Currently, KPSG has served most leading banking and insurance clients.

KPSG TeleMarketing Services may be applicable for organizations who target mass market in order to sell its products such as Credit Card (New/Acquisition, Up Sell/Cross Sell), Personal Loan, Insurance/Bancassurance Products, etc.


TeleCollection conducts debt reminder or collection activity through tele-approach by offering a repayment program to the debtors.

Through KPSG systemized TeleCollection, Client acquire the advantage of persistent and organized tele-collection activity for all available accounts, while at the same time controlling risks and compliance through 100% recording and live monitoring of collection activities.

Eversince KPSG firstly serving TeleCollection Services in 2009, KPSG has the experience managing TeleCollection of national, regional & international bankings especially for Recovery Accounts (Credit Card & Personal Loan). Client's satisfaction for the services is proven by KPSG TeleCollection center expansion from Jakarta to Surabaya.

KPSG TeleCollection Services may be applicable for collections activitiy in Banking (Credit Card & Personal Loan) and Insurance (reinstatement & collection of Lapsed Policy).


TeleCleansing (Televerification) updates & verifies customers' data through tele-approach with objective of improving the quality of customer database.

These services derived from the understanding that Customer Database has become a valuable assets and tools for generating revenue and therefore the integrity of customer database is very important.

KPSG’s has the experience in managing “customer database telecleansing” for well-known Banking in Indonesia following the regulatory to maintain updated CIF Database. KPSG TeleCleansing Services by updating the CIF database with a proper and polite call manner to customers, while at the same time assuring the data security, quality assurance and confidentiality compliance.

KPSG TeleCleansing Services may be applicable for database cleansing in several Industry such as Financial (CIF/Customer database), Airlines, and other industries who requires updated customer database.


Information is one of the key for successful business, in which it enables organizations to consider and decide a valid action in advanced compared to their competitors’ such as launching new products/services, improving existing products/services, or conducting other strategic actions. One of the ways to acquire information is by conducting survey.

TeleSurvey contacts customers or certain targeted people through tele-approach, with objective of gathering a list of data/information from them and getting immediate verbal feedback.

KPSG TeleSurvey Services can be applied in some environments such as for Marketing Research, Quick Count (such as in Governmental Election), Audit Survey, or Verification.


TeleFundraising is an alternative fund raising channel for Non Profit Organization to reach potential or existing donor.

Recently, TeleFundraising has been extensively used worldwide, as it provides more productivity and time & cost efficiency. In addition, TeleFundraising has also become client's CRM tools to maintain relationship with the existing donor.

As part of KPSG CSR improvement program, KPSG provides TeleFundraising Services for several organizations, including the International and Nonprofit Organization which covers retention, activation, and acquisition Program.

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Outbound Contact Center

KPSG has been providing Outbound Contact Center Services since 1990 and now KPSG has the experience in providing the services for various industries such as Banking, Insurance, Bancassurance, Non Profit Organization, and others. view more