Stable economic growth and demographic bonus in Indonesia has spurred on new businesses to develop and existing businesses to expand. The “Brick and Mortar” space is in high demand where more companies set up new places of business. KGS could assist setting up new premises for your business, with more than 12 years of expertise in Interior and Architecture design. By now, we have performed more than 300 projects serving retails, offices, residentials, food & beverage (F&B) and hospitality industries. Our services include:

  • Interior Design 
  • Building Design 
  • Interior Construction 
  • Building Construction
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Urban Design & Master Plan
  • Furniture Manufacturing


With its broad technical expertise and a strong service mentality, our Facility Management takes care of properties of all kinds over their entire life cycles: from the design phase to trouble-free operation, with the aims of lowering your cost and increasing productivity. We explore our customer's specific needs and therefore deliver best solution to address their request through the establishment of total facility management solutions for both bundled and single services. Integrated PACIFICA Facilities Management System Solution delivers the following services:

  • Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Work
  • Workspace Design and Utilization
  • Operational Support


The challenge of supporting services requirement urges company to find the appropriate resources in supporting services. By prioritizing our professionalism and integrity, AAB provides solution by delivering qualified and experienced personnel to bring excellent business performance. Our services include:

  • Securing Assets Services
  • Facility Care Services
  • General Services
  • Field Support Services


As an Inbound Marketing Agency, Advika will assist you in creating a meaningful digital experience to help you achieve your goals. Our methodology is based on our understanding of your industry and proven best practices that we adopt from our world-class partners. Our team of digital strategist, creative people, and technology enthusiast are passionate about delivering the best result for you. We always aim for great things. And it all starts with our passion for achieving more together. Our services include:

  • Digital Marketing Packages
  • Apps Development
  • Online Ads


Through our subsidiary, digima ASIA as a Digital Content Creation & Mobile Learning Platform company will bring to you both, end-to-end and comprehensive solution in this digital era for people development, competencies fulfillment and user experience content as well as the environment. Nowadays, we are living in the time of constant "change”. Technology requires everyone to do things differently: faster, easier, and more efficient. They need to sustain the change by continuously developing their knowledge and skills. Meanwhile, people are urged to sharpen their skill while working efficiently. To facilitate their needs, we offer services that enable your success in the digital era:

  • Digital Animation
  • Digital Learning
  • Digital Technology
  • Strategic Digital Execution