KPSG Data Capture Management Services manage the activity of converting the data from hardcopy format into the softcopy format. These services provide clients with standardized data captured result as per agreed SLA accuracy and timeliness of data capture result.

There are 2 (two) alternative methods of data capture provided:

  • ICR/OCR method
  • Systemized Double Data Entry method

KPSG Data Capture Management Services may be applied in the Credit Initiation Process for Credit Cardand Personal Loan Application in the banking industry and in the Policy Initiation Process for Policy Issuance in the insurance industry.

In addition, these services can also be applicable for other process operation that involves a lot of forms which requires data entry/capture.

BPO Contact Center

KPSG BPO Contact Center Services cover the Managed Operation of all Information Technology Function for Inbound and/or Outbound, such as BPO TeleMarketing, BPO TeleCollection, BPO TeleCleansing, BPO TeleSurvey, BPO TeleFundraising, BPO Order Taking and BPO Customer Service. view more

Payroll Process

KPSG Payroll Process Services provides payroll calculation process which includes take home pay, income tax, and social security calculations to comply with the applicable employment legislation and taxation regulation. view more